Exhibition introduction

CBBE 2018 Shanghai International Brew & Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition will specially invite major purchasing guest enterprises:

Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd., Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Zhaoqing Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Co., Ltd., Suntory Beer Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Snow Breweries Co., Ltd., Henan Jigongshan Beer Co., Ltd., Kingway Brewery Group Co., Ltd., China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company Limited, Kingstar Beer Group Co., Ltd., Henan Waysnow Beer Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group Co., Ltd. Bright Dairy Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yinlu Food Group Co., Ltd., Want Want Co., Ltd., Coconut Palm Group Co., Ltd., Vitasoy International Holdings Limited, VV Group Co., Ltd., Hunan Taizinai Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Wondersun Dairy Co., Ltd., Huiyuan Group Co., Ltd., Hebei Chengde Lolo Co., Ltd., Uni-president China Holdings Co., Ltd., Guangdong Robust Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd., Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd., Master Kong Beverage Co., Ltd., Coca-cola Co., Ltd., PepsiCo, Inc, Jianlibao Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Weichuan Food Co., Ltd. This year’s exhibition is honored as a super grand meeting of international brew, beverage and liquid food packaging equipment industry and one of the professional exhibitions with influence in China, of which the scale looks down upon peer group. The exhibition collects the latest industry information and gathers previous world top suppliers to attract high-quality buyers from all provinces and cities of China as well as Asian area.

As the flag exhibition of liquid food equipment field in Asian-Pacific region, 2017 Shanghai International Brew & Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CBBE) will integrate the latest development advantages of industry to strengthen organization of relevant theme forums and activities, enlarge communication and connection with industry associations at home and abroad and enterprise consumers of liquid food equipment and assist healthy development of liquid food equipment industry by utilizing industry resources and advantages of sponsor on intelligent control, standardization study, remote system analysis, robot control, stereoscopic warehouse system, intelligent manufacturing, product detection, full-course trace and other aspects under big data environment. We have reasons to believe that CBBE 2018 Exhibition will become the excellent business platform of the latest technology, process, packaging and equipment in international liquid food industry again. This year’s exhibition will more widely radiate surrounding countries and world scope with the excellent business environment, excellent exhibition hall conditions, mature auxiliary facilities as well as Shanghai as one of the cities with the most economic vitality in the whole country and even Asian-Pacific region, which will undoubtedly consolidate CBBE 2017 as the first big exhibition advantage of liquid food production and liquid packaging field in Asian-Pacific region.

CBBE has converged numerous well-known beer and brew and beverage suppliers at home and abroad to take part in, attracted well-known beverage enterprises at home and abroad to support and take part in and been the preferred exhibition and business platform of China liquid beverage industrial chain through many years’ development and perfection. Now, it has become “the grand meeting of professional buyers and sellers in liquid beverage industry” and the wind indicator of technological development in China and even Asian liquid food industry!

CBBE 2018 is the optimal channel of suppliers to show strength and move towards China-first Asian huge market by gathering the most novel technology and equipment in the whole globe. You will step in the forefront of market, meet and talk over with main manufacturers, traders and importers of brew and beverage in China and Asian area to carry out favorable and long business relation through the exhibition.  

CBBE 2018 Shanghai International Brew & Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition will assemble various high, new, precision and top products to face to energetic Asian market. You will step in the forefront of market through the exhibition. This year’s exhibition is divided into combination of international exhibition and domestic exhibition to show together between international enterprises and domestic enterprises for mutual learning, promotion and complementarity; combination of material exhibition and picture show with vividness, real, entirety and heavy information; combination of show and communication to focus on actual effect; authoritative sponsor and professional organizer with humanized service concept, wide media publicity and professional tour groups.  

We will continue to exceed to build CBBE 2018 with more perfect organization, more accurate service and stronger publicity in 2018. We will continue to give play to the advantages of upper-middle-lower industrial chain hub of sponsor, invite all relevant parties of all industrial chain of brew and beverage industry positively and carry out synchronous professional activities with high industrial participation, big influence, abundance and practicability to strive to make each party have stronger communication and the biggest harvest in the exhibition. Let us expect CBBE 2018 together and gather in Shanghai, China!


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