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Expo news » Packaging Giant Tetra Pak Bringing New Product Feel

 As the important business and technology demonstration platform for China’s brew and beverage industry, and as the benchmark ofChina’s beverage industry, CBBE2015 has been leading the development orientation ofChina’s brew and beverage industry. CBBE 2015 not only serves as a bridge for many brew enterprises and beverage suppliers, achieving the optimal combination of technology and business. It also brings product and brand concept for brew and beverage industry. This time, Tetra Pak will bring fully new product feel and concept with test spirit.    

Tetra Pak was founded in Swedenin 1951. With the continuous progress and innovation in the competition, Tetra Pak has become a large-scale supplier which provides complete set of packaging system for juice, beverage and many other products. In 1991, Tetra Pak business was extended to liquid food processing equipment and plant engineering. Today, Tetra Pak could provide integrated food processing equipment, packaging system, distribution system for the food production enterprises all over the world, as well as the technical consultation and training relevant with these systems, new product development and positioning, market cultivation and development, and other all-around high value added “software” service- Tetra Pak provides systematical and integrated solutions for the customers.

As to investment for factory building and introduction of advanced technologies, Tetra Pak is rooted in China’s long-term objective, which relies on global resources advantage and is committed to meeting demands of Chinese customers by providing systematical solutions.

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