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Expo news » Beverage Enterprises Urgently Need High Quality Testing Instrument and Technology

 In recent five years, the domestic beverage output has been developing rapidly with the growth rate of more than 20%. In golden five years for beverage industry development, the beverage output has increased from more than 42 million tons in 2006 to over 100 million tons in 2010. With the simultaneous rapid growth of enterprise quantity above designated size and beverage output, the quality safety control of beverage products has become the focus of whole industry. The quantity of beverage enterprises which plan to establish professional test center (laboratory) is increasing. The enterprises’ requirements on testing equipment, instrument and technology during R&D, production and ex-factory processes are corresponding improved.  

To further enhance the food safety testing capacity building of beverage manufacturing enterprises, and solve the problems of enterprises in food safety testing, such as unable testing, slow testing and inaccurate testing. Such exhibition will develop special exhibition area to show relevant test instrument and technologies, and provide the technical trade communication platform between enterprises providing test instrument technologies and beverage enterprises. 

The organizing committee investigated dozens of major beverage enterprises, and the feedback shows that, currently main testing items in beverage enterprises include conventional physical and chemical testing, microbiological testing, heavy metal testing, safety index testing (bromate, nitrite, patulin, pesticide residue, etc.), special ingredient testing (such as tea polyphenol, caffeine) and other dozens of items, which have a certain testing and inspection capability. However, according to the investigation, nearly 60+ investigated enterprises are urgent to purchase above 300 sets of testing instrument, and the average demand of every enterprise is 5 sets. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, ion chromatograph, gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph and rapid testing instrument are the urgent needs of the enterprises, which more than 1/4 of the beverage enterprises badly need to purchase. In addition, the enterprises have different demands in chromatography - MS analyzer, near infrared spectroscopy, oscilloscope polarograph, Abbe refractometer, dietary fiber analyzer, laser diffraction particle size analyzer, ozone detector, laser particle counters and other instruments.

 Shanghai International Brew & Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CBBE) is a professional exhibition annually hosted by Shanghai Brewing Industry Association, which has been held for three years successfully. CBBE is the technical trade communication platform between the beverage enterprise and supplier. One of the key requirements of CBBE2014 proposed by beverage enterprises is to look for the latest on-line testing technologies and laboratory testing instruments and technologies based on the investigation.  

Here, we sincerely invite relevant enterprises to bring the advanced and practical testing instrument and technologies to CBBE2015 Exhibition, we would like to serve you and serve as a bridge for food safety in beverage industry.

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