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See the overall running tendency of brew and beverage industry from unprecedented hot CBBE2014 exhibition sale             14-7-10    

CBBE2015 Shanghai International Brew & Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held in INTEX Shanghai on April 23-25, 2015. Learned from organizing committee, the booth reservation started from September is unprecedented hot. Domestic and foreign well-known exhibitors apply to participate. Within less than three months, almost 60% booth area has been reserved. Currently, organizing committee could receive the telephone of about 20 enterprises to consult the exhibition and booth. Why the exhibitor enthusiasm is so high? Why CBBE 2015 exhibition sale is so unprecedented hot?   

 一、  Annual digestion of over 20 million tons capacity is internal motivation  

   Chinese beer and beverage industry likes the engine with enough horsepower. After 30 years of rapid growth with the annual growth rate of above 30%, the total output of national brew and beverage exceeded 200 million tons in 2010 and was up to 180 million tons in 2011; the brew and beverage enterprises with the sales income of above 60 million were up to 2500. Even though affected by global economic downturn, judging from existing data, there is no doubt to achieve above 20% growth in 2012. With the deep industry adjustment, it is expected that the industry will keep the growth of above 20% or even 30% in 2013. The output growth of more than 10 million requires sufficient production materials, and the following new plant building, new production line investment and old equipment updating will promote the economical development of whole industry chain without doubt. Therefore, many beverage suppliers has spotted such a chance and reserved CBBE 2014 booth, and they wish that the industry and association resources could provide a platform of beverage production equipment raw and au xiliary matierals for beverage enterprises.                

 National brew output and growth rate in 2009-2011 

   二、  2013 expected economic recovery enables exhibitors to look forward to CBBE 2014   

Recently, many economists predict that Chinas economy is gradually warmed up. According to the data of brew and beverage industry in previous eight months, the brew output growth in June-August indeed has the increase tendency, affected by seasonal factors without doubt. However, from national economic perspective, the increase of PMI data and credit data these two leading indicators enables more and more enterprises to expect economic recovery in 2013, which promotes that more enterprises pay attention to business opportunities in 2013 and believe the strength of industry exhibition 
 Output-10,000 t; growth rate

Beverage output and growth rate in February-August, 2012

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